ADI news from around the world in 60 days

We’ve had a busy time these past 60 days, just a sample included: Organizing the Ruben rescue; through our Species Survival Network membership, we worked to strengthen CITES protections; we co-hosted the International Candlelight Vigil for Elephants; saw the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act signed into law in the US; California’s ban on the sale and manufacture of new fur products came into force and a million signed up to a Fur Free Europe (the European Commission is now obliged to respond); we testified in committee to support an ordinance restricting rodeos; and the world wept with us at the passing of Cholita.
Here is some of our biggest news.

Cholita’s passing saw people heartbroken across the world. We responded to requests from supporters by setting up the Cholita Bear Fund to help fight wildlife trafficking, support our rescued bears, and help rescue others. We have made our first payout, sending emergency support to Taricaya, home of Cholita and our other bears. Peru’s state of emergency has led to escalating prices and shortages of food and other vital supplies as roads and airports have been blockaded. Over 50 people have died during the protests. The funds will ensure Taricaya does not face shortages of essentials for all the animals. We think Cholita would have approved. To contribute to the Cholita Bear Fund, click here.

You can watch here a busy day at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, during which Dr Peter Caldwell oversaw dental surgery on Rey Ayacucho and Simba, sedated Rey Cusco to review the arthritis caused by a brutal circus declawing operation; and then gave tigers Max and Stripes their annual vaccinations. Smith (pictured) was taken into the hospital for x-rays and ultrasounds, and has been treated for intestinal inflammation.

A landmark victory in December saw the Big Cat Public Safety Act passed which will end the breeding of big cats for cub petting, photo ops, backyard ‘zoos’, and the pet trade across the US. It gives hope that the US can pass ADI’s Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act, to ban traveling wild animal acts nationwide. On the local level, progress continues. Northampton became the fourteenth town in Massachusetts to prohibit the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows and circuses. In Missouri, Moolah Shrine Circus will be retiring their elephant acts. To help stop circus suffering in the US:

The Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC), Europe’s largest monkey lab, which was investigated by ADI (see video) says it plans to cut primate testing by 40%. The lower house of the Dutch Parliament unanimously backed a motion calling on the government to limit the number of tests using primates and for research into how these can be reduced further, specifically targeting BPRC.

Cosmetics tests on animals, and manufacture or sale of cosmetics tested on animals are now banned in New York, which joins California, Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Louisiana!

As we press ahead to secure permits to move Ruben from Armenia to South Africa, the Daily Mail covered the story, and it was picked up by numerous news outlets worldwide including The Mirror and the Daily Star.

The Hunting Trophy (Import Prohibition) Bill from Henry Smith MP passed its second reading and is now at Committee stage. Although it is notoriously difficult for a private members bill to pass, it is vital that the ban – which was promised by the UK government – is kept on the political agenda. Sadly, other government promises continue to stall including the Kept Animals Bill.

Bill 085/22S has been approved in the Senate following a debate lasting until 2am. Two debates are now required in the House of Representatives before it can become law. Unlike the previous bill, which would have immediately banned bullfighting but sadly fell in the House of Representatives, there would be a three-and-a-half-year period of regulated transition. Nevertheless, a ban on bullfighting is again a real possibility and ADI will be working with the Colombia Sin Toreo coalition to ensure it passes.

ADI’s Eduardo Peña addressed the first “Legal Protection of Animals in Colombia: Advances and challenges in criminal law” forum organized by Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office and covering a range of issues.

LION ARK FREE TO STREAM! The award-winning documentary about ADI’s rescue of every circus animal in Bolivia is now streaming on Unchained TV! Unchained TV is available online and on Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku®. As part of the promotion, Tim and I were interviewed live from the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary by Jane Velez-Mitchell, during which we were plunged into darkness by a power cut but kept talking until the generator kicked in. Lions can be heard roaring in the background.

Watch Lion Ark and sit back, relax and watch the animals win!
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