About Jan

Jan Creamer is President and founder of Animal Defenders International, now one of the highest profile animal welfare campaigning groups in the world with offices in Los Angeles, London, and Bogota.

Jan has campaigned for animal rights, welfare and conservation issues for three decades, including bringing the high profile and successful ADI Stop Circus Suffering campaign to Europe, South America and the US.  Working through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) she secured new rules on the cross-border movements of endangered species with traveling exhibitions in over 170 countries.

She directs undercover investigations and has spearheaded cruelty prosecutions and legal cases in the UK, Europe and South America.  One ground-breaking investigation produced the evidence which devastated the UK animal circus industry – halving the number of animals circuses in just six months.

Jan has directed and played a hands-on role in international animal rescues around the world saving lions, tigers, monkeys, and chimpanzees and other animals from terrible suffering – often working in very difficult circumstances in countries including Mozambique and Chile.  Most recently Jan has emptied Bolivia of circus animals, bringing 29 lions to the US, to sanctuaries in California and Colorado, as well as relocating animals in Bolivia itself and to Europe.

She has extensive lobbying experience throughout the world, presenting the case to parliamentarians and directing successful lobbying campaigns.  This has included an active role securing the recent bans on animal circuses in Peru, Bolivia, and Portugal, as the legislation currently under discussion in the UK, Brazil, Colombia, and Greece.  In addition she was involved in supplying evidence to key securing the bans in Costa Rica, Singapore and Austria.

Her reports, speeches, television appearances, articles, photographs and video have opened many people’s eyes to the suffering of animals.