British Government Drags its Feet on Wild Animal Circuses – Again

In a shameful failure to show leadership and support the will of Parliament and public, the British Government has failed – again – to end the suffering of wild animals in travelling circuses. This weakness leaves the UK open to animals arriving with circuses from abroad.

For the second year, the promised wild animal circus ban has not been included in the Government’s legislative schedule.

This embarrassing debacle over a widely-supported measure looks set to continue unless the Coalition Government can show that it has the strength and leadership to follow its own recommendations, as set out in the draft legislation – recommendations which are the result of years of consultations, examinations, committees and working parties.

In a survey conducted by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 94.5% of the public supported a wild animal ban; the majority of Members of Parliament support a ban; the British Veterinary Association has announced its support for a ban.

If it is to retain any credibility, the Government needs to stop running away from this issue and ensure the promised ban does not run out of time before the next General Election.

Since the UK was promised a ban in 2012, seven countries have passed similar legislation. Shameful.

Further delay just looks weak and is an embarrassment for the UK, when compared to the leadership shown by 27 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America – see:

If you’re in the UK – tell your MP today, that you want to see this ban pushed through. The animals have waited long enough.

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