Circus licensing, animals in advertising, vivisection rules

The Government has, despite opposition and advice to the contrary, issued proposals for a licensing regime for wild animals in circuses.  Only wild animals will be inspected, leaving other species to their fate – something that concerned even the Defra vets conducting their secret inspections (revealed by ADI’s FOIA application). Our investigations have shown that inspections have not succeeded in identifying either animal abuse, or failings of animal husbandry.  Our films of inspectors show how easy it is to deceive the eye, reported in our ‘Out of Control’ –

We received many calls in the London office when Vision Express adverts for spectacles featured performing primates – we have been speaking with Vision Express executives and shown them the footage of the living conditions of these specific animals.  We hope that the company will introduce an ethical policy, see the full details at:

Meanwhile, we fast approach the implementation of the new European Directive on animal experiments.  The UK will have new laws in 2013.

Read about out key concerns with the new EU Directive

Find out why animal experiments are unreliable and unnecessary, click here


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