November 2011

OK, this has been one of our tougher years…..

Now finalizing work on the Anne case. Many will recall our undercover investigation of the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts’ Super Circus and the footage of Anne the elephant. After months of analysis of recordings, preparation of evidence, expert witness testimony and preparation of the case with our lawyers, we laid the file before magistrates. Talks with the Crown Prosecution Service finally secured their agreement to take the case. The initial hearing is 1st December.

Although the case arouses strong feelings, we’re urging everyone to refrain from demonstrations outside the court or any other action that might disrupt the trial. That will not bring justice to Anne – allowing the courts to administer justice is what Anne and other animals need you to do now.

This is an important case. It is the UK’s first prosecution of a circus under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and only the second circus prosecution in UK judicial history. Due to the nature of the business there are notorious difficulties in gathering evidence in travelling circuses. The previous prosecution of a circus in the UK, under the Protection of Animals Act 1911 (replaced by the AWA) also resulted from an investigation and private prosecution by ADI, which was later taken forward by the CPS. That case resulted in the convictions for cruelty of the directors of Mary Chipperfield Promotions and their elephant keeper.

The week before last, we went to Washington with the lovely Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle in CSI) and venerable Bob Barker (award-winning Price is Right U.S. TV star) – both great champions of animals and we’re proud to have them as ADI Ambassadors. Together with the wonderful Congressman Jim Moran, they launched our new bill, HR3329, Traveling Exotic Animals Protection Act about the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

And just a few days earlier, the U.S. Central District Court of California in Los Angeles reviewed the file for the case against Have Trunk Will Travel for their misleading statements about the training of their elephants – Tai was used in ‘Water for Elephants’ and Rosie was used in ‘Zookeeper’. We await progress on this one.

Meanwhile back in the UK, the battle continues over the Coalition Government’s proposals to regulate animal circuses – this is their answer to the unanimous votes of the Backbench MPs in Parliament, who want to see a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. So we’ve put together a special report outlining exactly why licensing and inspection regimes for travelling animal circuses don’t work.

The UK Government has also been gathering evidence in their public consultation for the new legislation on animal experiments.  This will draw the provisions of the new EU Directive into UK law: We submitted nearly 90 pages of technical information on animal use and replacements and will be providing MPs with technical briefings on all the key issues.

We got the Peru circus animal ban this summer, following the Bolivia ban.

And just last week, Colombia’s Chamber of Deputies voted through the first stage of a new bill.

Finally, for anyone who missed the landing of the Lion Ark in February, read about it here.

4 thoughts on “November 2011

  1. Please, you can do something, here in Bolivia has always been used to kill the dogs as a military training of soldiers in all the barracks and cities, and nobody does anything to defend the dogs, this is the address where you see photo of one of the murderers who laughs after hanging a dog. Please, you can do something? we have no voice and if no one responds as it should in this country these killings will not end.
    This is the link of one of the murderers, the proof of what they usually do with the puppies.


  2. Esto es una de las cosas mas horribles que haya visto en mi vida, el ser humano no tiene ningun derecho de abusar y ultrajar la vida de ningun ser viviente de tal forma, este tipo espero sea castigado por alguna ley que haya en el pais de origen donde este se encuentra, y lo peor es que veo que tiene un uniforme militar puesto, que verguenza y desagrado para una persona que deberia de poner ese uniforme en alto, en vez de esto veo a un mal nacido tan bajo, sin sentimiento ni respeto por nada ni nadie, porque esta comprobado que quien maltrata y asesina animales por gusto de igual forma lo haria con otro ser humano, se sienten muy grandes y poderosos haciendo esta clase de ultrajos, pero existen leyes tanto humanas como Divinas y se que quizas se salga con la suya en la terrenal, pero jamas con la Divina, lo que se hace siempre se paga, de una forma u otra.

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